Waxing and Threading

Waxing and Threading

Waxing is basically a process of hair removal from the root of the hair by covering a sticky substance called Wax.

Waxing and Threading Services:-

Sugar hair waxing uses a sticky, gel-like paste to remove hair. The paste is made up of lemon, sugar, and water and it is safe, natural.

Detan Waxing helps you to remove thick hair from the Skin. Makes your skin smooth and Shiny.

Normal Waxing is made by combination of lemon and sugar/ honey and also contains chemical substances.

Chocolate waxing is made up of cocoa, soybean oil, almond oil, glycerin, vitamins and olive oil which helps in reducing tan.

Rica waxing also known as ‘ White Chocolate wax’ helps in nourishing the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Waxing Normal Rica Brazilian
Full Face 200 300 350
Under Arms 150 200 350
Half Hand 150 200 300
Half Leg 200 300 350
Full Hand 200 300 300
Full Leg 300 400 450
Full Body 2000 3000
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